Is There Such a thing as a Stress-free, healthy Mom?

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For years, society has tried to assure ambitious young women that if they worked hard enough, they could juggle both a demanding occupation and a family. However, Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, says otherwise. Sandberg admitted that balancing both worlds is very difficult, but a necessity if we wish to have a lot more women leaders in the workforce. At the same time, we want healthy, stress-free mommies at home!

Many mommies are working moms. mommies are the normal “Earth” personality: they do everything for others before doing anything for themselves. The result is anxiety at its highest level! think about it: the lunches are made, the backpacks are filled, the homework is checked, the breakfast is made, the laundry is done, the authorization slips are signed, and mommy always takes time to snuggle before tucking her kids in for the night. At the end of a busy day, there is no time left for self-care. Without it, anxiety escalates until we, as moms, just call a stop to the turmoil.

My suggestion is to get unstuck and then be unstoppable. You, as healthy moms, can accomplish a stress-free lifestyle by focusing on these three goals:

Simplify your lifeSimplifying one’s life is a personal choice as well as a process. To start, take a look at your life and figure out ways to simplify. While you may be accustomed to taking care of all the laundry or dishes, can you release yourself from perfectionism and show the kids or your partner how to do it?  What about the morning or evening routines, such as packing lunches or backpacks? look closely at everything you do to identify the complicated parts of your life that can be simplified.

Σχετική υποστήριξη των “ήρωών σας στην εκπαίδευση”

Know your limitations We just do not know how to say “no.” remember that “no” is a complete sentence, and it is fine to learn how to use the word to bring balance to our lives. If something does not fall within your priorities, it is fine to say the magic word, “no.” You need to avoid taking on a lot more than you can possibly handle. discuss for workplace balance by knowing yourself and your limitations. “No” can be the best time management tool that you have! “No” also works with kids, who can be empowered to make their beds, keep their rooms relatively neat, and sort paperwork from their backpacks into three categories: mommy need to see/sign this, homework to be done and papers for their personal αποθήκη.

Slow down and take a deep breathUtilize your carpool time to breathe deeply and to exhale completely. While parked at the curb for a school pickup, do a yoga stretch in place, wiggle your toes and drink a refreshing glass of cool water.

Yes, it is possible to have it all – career, family, and a stress-free home life. consider this quote by Lily Tomlin: “For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.” It’s your turn to become a healthy, stress-free mom!

By Sharon M. Weinstein for The healthy mommies blog MagazineAbout the Author Sharon M. Weinstein, MS, RN, CRNI, FACW, FAAN, is an energetic, motivating and highly skilled speaker who educates others, enriches their lives, and empowers them to achieve balance in their own lives. Sharon draws on her own life experiences to help others get control of their life purpose. Sharon is Adjunct scientific professor at the university of Illinois Chicago, college of Nursing and a member of the Kaplan university school of Nursing Advisory Board. She is a Fellow of the American college of wellness and the American Academy of Nursing. Work-life balance is not just what she does – it is clearly who she is! Sharon is a member of the national speakers association and author of “B is for Balance: 12 steps toward a a lot more balanced Life at home and at Work.” She resides in Buffalo Grove, Illinois and Rockville, Maryland with her husband; they have 3 adult, married children and 4 grandchildren. 

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