In observance of Fearless Friday today, I was torn between two recent (and fearless) pledges. I might talk about my commitment to join the mominatrix in her sexual resolution. Lord understands that’s frightening to admit in public. But, nah, Whitney talked about that yesterday!

So, instead, I reveal my plan to fearlessly reclaim an athletic accomplishment from my past. I will run with 11 online strangers (and, yet, since of the interwebs, many are likewise “virtual friends” too) for a relay race of 199 miles with the team Eat. Blog. Τρέξιμο. My own section will be three different legs of approximately five miles each.

I completed this relay race two other times. Back then, I was provided the simplest running assignments as well as was in my finest shape from triathlon training. I likewise had a training partner with the exact same pace, races, as well as life routine as myself. I believed it was difficult back then.

Αλλά όχι πια.

Why am I so scared?
Glad you asked. If I’ve already done this before, I should feel confident. however I don’t. Επιτρέψτε μου να απαριθμήσω τους τρόπους.

I pee when I run. There I stated it. in front of God, my coworkers as well as the eleventeen strangers reading this. four as well as a half years since my 44 hour labor with four frakking hours of pushing as well as I still pee when I run. as well as I dislike it. as well as it triggers me not to run.

I am not in excellent shape. since of reason #1, two young children, as well as a myriad of other excuses, I am going to have to truly work for this one. like that part of Rocky when they play Eye of the Tiger, however with youngsters as well as a full-time job.

Είμαι ντροπαλός. What if they don’t like me? There are no tricks from the women in the van, when you’re running, sweating, as well as self-doubting around the clock on extremely bit sleep. While it’s simple to fracture jokes with twitter, I lose a few of my appeal at 2am.

But I’m gonna be fearless about this. I’m going to figure out a training routine that works for my family. I am lucky sufficient to have a super supportive other half that wants me to exercise as well as be healthy almost as much as he wishes to do it himself.

I will insurance claim Tuesday, Thursday, as well as Sunday as my running days as well as discover some running friends for the next few months.

I will likewise utilize all the geekery (pedometer, new Nike Plus) at my disposal to see my running times enhance from a 14 minute run/walk to the 9 minute mile speed I can be proud of. as well as if a 9-minute-mile is still the slowest, I will not concern about it since I have improved so much.

Oh, as well as about being timid in the existence of blogging-greatness, can I concern about that one more day?