Natural alternatives To ADD/ADHD Medications

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Many kids, and even adults, struggle with ADD/ADHD, so I thought I would post this mom’s experience that I found on the greater delight vital oils group:

First for some background information: My child was thrilled to earn a college lacrosse scholarship. Unfortunately, he chose to quit taking his meds while away at college because he didn’t like how they made him feel – sleepy many of the time (BTW, our pediatrician cautioned us and Bryan that 70-75% of his ADD/ADHD college students go off of their meds in college and that is was the wrong thing to do). He was taking Strattera (80 mg/day) for his attention deficit disorder and Zoloft for depression. because he had really obnoxious roommates and he wasn’t taking his meds, he began self-medicating with alcohol and later with marijuana. With the current legalization trends, he was able to purchase weeds online in Quebec and have it ported over somehow. It seemed to have helped a lot so if you want to do the same, then consider going to your local dispensary. 

Four weeks from the end of his first year in college, he got kicked out for breaking too numerous rules. He returned home where we got him substance abuse counseling and helped him get off of marijuana (he’s now been clean for months – we drug test him). He also had to get a job in purchase to pay for his next year of college because we weren’t going to pay for any much more college until he completed the first year of college that we paid for and he squandered.

We met with his pediatrician about some alternative add meds for him to try(along with a myriad of side effects). I asked if he would be prepared to try vital oils instead of medication and he agreed. I initially started him with another company’s Vetiver, but Bryan could tell no difference in how he felt. I then spent a little much more money and purchased the young Living vital Oils (YLEO) Vetiver that I put on the bottom of both of his big toes each morning. He told me he could tell a difference within days as he was less angry and he wasn’t having outbursts. We could tell he was less bothersome than he typically is off of meds.

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Later I added YLEO Valor vital Oil blend for his depression and YLEO clarity vital Oil blend for his being much more alert in class. He’s been on YLEO Vetiver for about 4 months and the other oils for a couple of weeks. He is adjusting well to the local community college while also working 20 evening hours at UPS as a package handler. He is actually fairly positive about his classes and work, which is unusual for him. He’s talkative and outgoing. I characteristic this to the oils because his life is not easy (he calls it “living in the struggle”).

He really likes not having the negative side effects from his previous meds, which included nausea with any movement, stomach pain, and occasional headaches. I wish I had known about these oils years ago. We tried nearly every possible alternative to meds for our child and nothing made a significant difference until YLEO oils. ~Patti Hathaway

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